Karim Belabas on Wed, 28 Mar 2007 17:55:00 +0200

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pari-2.3.2 released

Dear PARI lovers,

I would like to announce the release of pari-2.3.2 (STABLE). The sources and
a Windows binary are available from


This is a BUGFIX release for the stable branch, fixing most problems
reported so far.

The one major new feature is specific to the Windows binary:
from now on, it includes GMP kernel instead of the (slower) native one.
N.B: This binary has not been tested on Vista. We see no reason why
anything would fall apart with Vista, but one never knows. Please try
and tell us !

Many thanks to all those who reported problems, on the mailing lists or
through our Bug Tracking System. ( See http://pari.math.u-bordeaux.fr/Bugs/ )

Have fun,



P.S1: If you are running Mac OS X, please see this FAQ before reporting
problems with 'readline' (line editing):


A better fix has been proposed at 
but we did not implement it yet.

P.S2: The Changelog.

Done for version 2.3.2 (released 28/03/2006):
[last column crossreferences current development release 2.4.1]
    1- [Cygwin] missing -L... -lgmp when compiling with gmp.              [F2]
    2- ispower(522^3) -> 0 [ looked like a 7th power to is_357_power(), which
       then forgot to test for cubes ] [#506]                             [F3]
    3- when nf.disc < 0, nf.diff was an incorrect PARI ideal [#510]       [F6]
    4- nf.codiff was only correct up to multiplication by some rational   [F7]
       number (a divisor of nf.disc) [#510]                              
    5- inaccuracy (>= 2ulp) in [cached] log(2) [#498]                     [F8]
    6- exp, sinh, asinh, tanh, atanh were inaccurate near 0               [F9]
    7- [GMP kernel] forvec(x=[[-1,0]],print(x)) --> error [#509]          [F10]
       [ 'resetloop' failed when passing through '0' ]
    8- nfbasistoalg(nfinit(y),x) created an invalid t_POLMOD              [F11]
    9- incorrect result in ZX_resultant (accuracy loss computing bound)   [F12]
   10- [Configure] gcc-specific flags were used on linux/freebsd/cygwin,
       even when __gnuc__ was unset                                       [F14]
   11- factor( pure power FqX ) --> SEGV                                  [F15]
   12- [GMP kernel] polrootsmod(f, 4) --> wrong result [ low level t_INT  [F16]
       manipulation not using the int_* macros ]
   13- polrootspadic(f, 2, r) --> some roots would be found twice         [F17]
       [ due to FpX_roots(f, 4) called ]  [#521]
   14- ??sumalt doesn't compile: in GPHELP, treat \ref in verbatim        [F18]
   15- matinverseimage returned [;] when no pre-image exists. Conform to  [F20]
       the docs: "an empty vector or matrix", depending on the input types.
   16- 3.5 % 2 --> error [ should be 0.5 ]                                [F22]
   17- sin(1/10^100) --> 0e-28 [ also affected cos,tan,cotan ]            [F23]
   18- check that k >= 0 in thetanullk [#531]                             [F26]
   19- isprime(-2,1) returned 1                                           [F27]
   20- Fix 'Not enough precision in thue' error                           [F28]
BA 21- [OS X] Fix kernel detection on x86_64-darwin                       [F29]
BA 22- [Configure] spectacular failure to recognize gcc under some locales[F34]
   23- polredabs(x^8+2*x^6-5*x^4+78*x^2+9) was incorrect [ missed
       x^8+6*x^6-x^4+54*x^2+25 due to incorrect "skipfirst" ]             [F35]
   24- typo in resmod2n (specific to GMP kernel) [#546]                   [F36]
   25- nfmodprinit could create FpX's which were not reduced mod p        [F40]
   26- O(x^3)^(1/2) was O(x^2) instead of O(x)                            [F41]
   27- substpol(x^-2+O(x^-1),x^2,x) --> error [#555]                      [F43]
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