Karim Belabas on Mon, 29 Sep 2008 23:33:53 +0200

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megrez number field tables repackaged

Dear PARI lovers,

  I have repackaged the number field tables published by the Bordeaux
computational number theory group (H. Cohen and his team) around 1995.


The original tables are kept for reference at the same address
ftp://megrez.math.u-bordeaux.fr/pub/numberfields/ as before
(Judging from some index files, old data files corresponding to most
quadratic fields have apparently disappeared, and I couldnt't trace
them yet. So the data was generated anew.)

Compared to the original tables, the new version uses a single
(human-readable) file for a given signature, and stores only 

* the field equation [ from which a bnf can be recomputed ],

* the field discriminant & class number, as well as the class group
decomposition as a product of cyclic groups (bnf.cyc) [ for quick filtering ].

N.B: Computing bnfinit & polgalois for all fields in the table takes
less than 2 hours in current PARI/GP, so there was no need to include that
in the tables. As a result, these are considerably smaller (1/10th the size)

More details in the README:


Please report any problem !

Have fun,


P.S: A few wrong cyclic structures & class numbers (12 fields) have been

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