Bill Allombert on Sat, 04 Aug 2012 11:05:18 +0200

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pari-2.5.2(STABLE) released

Dear PARI lovers,

I would like to announce the release of pari-2.5.2 (STABLE). The sources
and a basic Windows binary are available from

This is a BUGFIX release for the stable branch. It fixes a bug that show
up when compiled with gcc 4.7, and some all significant problems that could be
fixed in a simple, harmless way. However we strongly encourage you to upgrade
since it fixes a number of cases where PARI was returning an incorrect result.

Thanks to all those who reported problems, on the mailing lists or through
our Bug Tracking System. ( See ), or
who tested the prelease.

Have fun,

  Bill and Karim

P.S: The Changelog:

[last column crossreferences current development release 2.6.0]
Done for version 2.5.2 (released 20/06/2012):

    1- [from 2.5.1] substvec slowdown                                      [F25]
    2- logfile: strip properly color escape sequences [#1225]              [C18]
BA  3- ispower(x < 0,, &n): n could have the wrong sign [#1302]            [F45]
    4- mathnf(..., 4) didn't remove 0 columns from HNF [#1271]             [F61]
JD  5- possible SEGV in pari_init_opts [#1264]                             [F62]
BA  6- ellorder(E,P*Mod(1,p)) did not work if E was defined over Z         [F63]
    7- parimacro.tex: pdftex --output-format dvi  would produce a PDF      [F66]
BA  8- pari_close failed to free all allocated memory [#1297]              [F67]
    9- issquarefree(0) => error [#1304]                                    [F71]
   10- sqrt(0.E-97-1.12-97*I) -> div by 0 [#1309]                          [F76]
PH 11- vecsort0 was not valid C code (miscompiled by gcc 4.7)
BA 12- FpX_gcd(0,x) -> div by 0                                            [F77]
   13- x; y; p; q; subst(Mod(q,p), q, x + y) --> Mod(1, p)*x [#1321]       [F78]