Bill Allombert on Mon, 13 May 2013 14:08:33 +0200

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pari-2.5.4(STABLE) released

Dear PARI lovers,

I would like to announce the release of pari-2.5.4 (STABLE). The sources
and a basic Windows binary are available from

This is a BUGFIX release for the stable branch. It fixes all significant problems
that could be fixed in a simple, harmless way. However we strongly encourage
you to upgrade since it fixes a number of cases where PARI was returning an
incorrect result.

  --- For Windows users: ---
This time two basic Windows binaries are provided, depending of your system:

For XP, Vista: gp-2-5-4.exe 

for Windows 7, 8: gp-readline-2-5-4.exe

However, we invite you to download both binaries and use the one that
work better on your system.

Thanks to all those who reported problems, on the mailing lists or through
our Bug Tracking System. ( See ), or
who tested the prelease.

Have fun,

  Bill and Karim

P.S: The Changelog:

[last column crossreferences current development release 2.6.0]
Done for version 2.5.4 (released 13/05/2013):

    1- sin'(1) with default(compatible,3) caused a crash                   [F97]
    2- rare corruption in ECM [#1240] factorint(,1) => SEGV                [F98]
    3- add missing call to normalize() in lift(t_POL/t_SER) [#1359]        [F99]
BA  4- listput was not SIGINT safe                                        [F100]
BA  5- znorder(Mod(5,16),200) -> 5 instead of 4                           [F101]
JD  6- galoisinit(x^3+x^2-2*x-1) -> uninitialized read [#1389]            [F106]
BA  7- polhermite(66) -> corrupted result [#1393]                         [F107]
    8- polred() could return non-squarefree polynomials [#1395]
BA  9- galoisfixedfield() could return a wrong result for polynomials     [F109]
       with large roots [#1406]
   10- bnrdisc could return a wrong result if the modulus had more than   [F110]
       2 prime divisors [#1399]
   11- y;z;(x^2+y)*w/z/x -> significant pointers lost [#1248]             [F113]
   12- thue(thueinit(x^3-1493,1),3) -> error                              [F115]
   13- typo in modr_safe -> precision error [#1413]                       [F116]