Bill Allombert on Mon, 10 Jul 2023 11:45:26 +0200

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pari-2.15.4 (STABLE) released

Dear PARI lovers,

I would like to announce the release of pari-2.15.4 (STABLE). The sources
and Windows and MacOS binaries are available from

This is a BUGFIX release for the stable branch.
This release addresses significant problems that could be fixed in a
simple, harmless way. However we strongly encourage you to upgrade since
it fixes a number of cases where PARI was returning an incorrect result.

Binaries for ARM-based Mac are available, thanks to the
hardware provided by the Sagemath project, donations made to, and technical support from William Stein.


Thanks to all those who reported problems, on the mailing lists or through
our Bug Tracking System. ( See ), or
who tested the preleases.

Have fun and happy new years,

  Bill, Aurel and Karim

P.S: The Changelog:

Bug numbers refer to the BTS at

[last column crossreferences current development release 2.16.1]
Done for version 2.15.4 (released 10/07/2023):
BA  1- lfunan(lfunetaquo([12,1;13*12,1]),1) -> stack overflow [#2457]      [F1]
BA  2- FpM_intersect could return a Flm [#2459]                            [F2]
    3- ifac_isprime could be called on input with tiny divisors            [F3]
BA  4- nfcompositum could return non-monic polynomials [#2461]             [F4]
BA  5- gammamellininvinit(vector(9,i,1)) -> SEGV                           [F5]
    6- incorrect sanity check in rnfeltdown ("not in base field") [#2464]  [F6]
HC  7- precision loss in gammamellininv [#2462]                            [F7]
BA  8- [pthread] parselect could crash                                     [F8]
BA  9- rare infinite loop in ellsaturation                                 [F9]
BA 10- quadunitindex(8461,2)->1 instead of 3 [#2466]                      [F10]
BA 11- chinese(Mod(1,3)*(x^2+x+2),Mod(1,5)*(x-1))->incorrect leading term [F11]
BA 12- lindep([0,x]) -> SEGV                                              [F12]
BA 13- [libpari] RgX_div_by_X_x: wrong variable number                    [F13]
MS 14- hyperellratpoints(2*x^3+x^2-x,1000) -> wrong result [#2475]        [F15]
BA 15- ellisogeny over a nf -> inconsistent variables error               [F16]
BA 16- w=3;quadgen(5) -> print x instead of w [#2477]                     [F17]
BA 17- FpX_convol: wrong result for mixed degree                          [F18]
   18- mateigen(,1): eigenvalues were given as t_VEC or t_COL. Use t_COL. [F20]
BA 19- ellcard over small finite field: potential oo-loop [#2483]         [F21]