Bill Allombert on Fri, 24 Oct 2003 00:46:26 +0200

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New PARI/GP server

Dear PARI development list,

I would like to announce the new server dedicated to PARI/GP: which replace the old

First don't worry, we have taken extra care so to ensure the server
can still be accessed using the old name, for both FTP and CVS access.

What is available on this new machine with the new URIs:
1) FTP server
2) WEB server
3) CVS server

But the above hide the real big news: a new website dedicated to

Please browse it to see for yourself what it offers.

Some highlight:

-- A threaded, searchable, PARI mailing list archive.
-- A CVS gateway (viewCVS) which let you download a CVS snapshot.
-- Latest logs from test builds.

Help wanted:

If you have access to hardware suitable to generate more buildlogs
(not linux-x86) with sufficient free ressource to generate automatically
at least one buildlog a day, please contact us.

The `introduction' text is available in 4 languages (de,en,fr,it).
If you want to translate it to other languages, please go ahead,
but don't waste time trying to translate other part of the site,
since I will not have time to incorpore the translations and
keep them updated. Thanks!