McLaughlin, James on Tue, 09 Dec 2003 00:49:06 +0100

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Reading in a file

I just installed version 2.2.7 for windows.

An observations and then a question.


First, the ?? command does not open the users manual in a dvi window. (Adobe is installed).


My question is how do I read in a program file and then have gp send the output to another file?


Is it

\r file1 \w file2


If this is the case, how do I specify the path to file1 and file2.


For example, I have a file, prfibgpnbfu37,  on the desktop, but


\r C:\Documents and Settings\jmclaugh\Desktop\prfibgpnbfu37


generates an error message:

“*** error opening input file: C:\Documents…..


although this is the location of the file given when I click on its “properties”.


Jimmy Mc Laughlin.