McLaughlin, James on Tue, 09 Dec 2003 01:56:18 +0100

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RE: Reading in a file

I tried that (using " ") and also various shortened versions of the

I used to use pari/gp on a unix system and I did not need quotes there.

I shortened the file name to fu37.txt to minimize typing errors (Its on
the desktop). Here are the exact error messages, with and without the

(19:41) gp > \r "C:\Documents and Settings\jmclaugh\Desktop\fu37.txt"
  ***   error opening input file: "C:\Documents and Se

(19:44) gp > \r C:\Documents and Settings\jmclaugh\Desktop\fu37.txt
  ***   error opening input file: C:\DocumentsandSetti

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--- "McLaughlin, James" <> wrote:
> \r C:\Documents and Settings\jmclaugh\Desktop\prfibgpnbfu37
> generates an error message:
> "*** error opening input file: C:\Documents.....

Is that the full error message, verbatim?

Are you sure it doesn't say
***   error opening input file:

If so, try quote characters -- your filename is being viewed as 
multiple strings that are to be concatenated.


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