Code coverage tests

This page documents the degree to which the PARI/GP source code is tested by our public test suite, distributed with the source distribution in directory src/test/. This is measured by the gcov utility; we then process gcov output using the lcov frond-end.

We test a few variants depending on Configure flags on the machine (x86_64 architecture), and agregate them in the final report:

The target is to exceed 90% coverage for all mathematical modules (given that branches depending on DEBUGLEVEL or DEBUGMEM are not covered). This script is run to produce the results below.

LCOV - code coverage report
Current view: top level - basemath - zetamult.c (source / functions) Hit Total Coverage
Test: PARI/GP v2.12.1 lcov report (development 24495-f03dc99ac) Lines: 246 250 98.4 %
Date: 2019-10-22 05:49:16 Functions: 21 22 95.5 %
Legend: Lines: hit not hit

Function Name Sort by function name Hit count Sort by hit count
zetamult 0
fillall 7
zetamultinit 7
zetamultall 21
findabv 63
get_vbin 140
zetamultinit_i 140
zetamult0 189
phip 1099
la 1841
revslice 1841
addevec 3682
isinphi 3682
etoindex 7182
mtoevec 7189
myfd 7203
atoe 7315
etoa 10871
isrhs 14196
zetamultconvert 14588
istruerhs 15295
lamul 263669

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