Planned features for release 2.8/2.9

Floating point precision

  • who: Bill
  • switch to binary precision
  • has already needed a lot of work, will need considerably more; a simple version COULD be included, a full redesign MUST NOT be included as it will break too many things

Precedence of variables

  • who: Karim
  • varhigher/varlower MUST be fully supported


  • who: Pascal, Henri
  • documentation and tests need to be added
  • then some non-controversial simple functions SHOULD be added (plotting, for instance)
  • more functions CAN be added in a later release

Elliptic curves over finite fields and CM

  • who: Hamish
  • lots of useful code is already present in the master branch, but only a few functions have been exported so far
  • public interfaces need to be discussed and fixed
  • then the functions decided upon MUST be included

Algebras over number fields

  • who: Aurel
  • many functions are already present in the master branch
  • some tests and documentation should be added
  • the prefix MUST be changed to alg (done)

Modular symbols

  • who: Karim
  • only Gamma_0 (N) is supported
  • several functions are already present in the master branch
  • the prefix stays at ms
  • Gamma_0 (1) MUST be supported

Data structures

  • who: Bill
  • only used in GP, not the PARI library
  • Tree
  • Map: associative array, values are stored under keys; interface: constructor Map, mapput(M,key,val), mapget(M,key)
  • Multimap: as Map, but with several values per key possible
  • Set: could be reimplemented, but the constructor Set would then return a different kind of object
  • Map and Multimap MUST be added, Set MUST NOT be reimplemented