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PARI/GP Calcul formel, théorie algébriques des nombres, courbes elliptiques, fonctions transcendantes

PARI/GP is a cross platform and open-source computer algebra system designed for fast computations in number theory: factorizations, algebraic number theory, elliptic curves, modular forms, L functions... It also contains a wealth of functions to compute with mathematical entities such as matrices, polynomials, power series, algebraic numbers, etc., and a lot of transcendental functions as well as numerical sumation and integration routines. PARI is also available as a C library to allow for faster computations.

Developed since the early eighties in the University of Bordeaux, PARI is free software, available under the GPL.

  • PARI is a C library, allowing fast computations.
  • gp is an easy-to-use interactive shell giving access to the PARI functions.
  • GP is the name of gp's scripting language.
  • gp2c, the GP-to-C compiler, combines the best of both worlds by compiling GP scripts to the C language and transparently loading the resulting functions into gp. (gp2c-compiled scripts will typically run 3 or 4 times faster.) gp2c currently only understands a subset of the GP language.

News: [2024-04-15] 20th Atelier PARI/GP 2024b (January 15-16 2024), U. Roma Tre, Italy.

News: [2024-01-08] 19th Atelier PARI/GP 2024 (January 8-12 2024), ENS Lyon

News: [2023-07-10] PARI-2.15.4 is out !

News: [2023-03-03] Aurel Page becomes the new project leader !

News: [2022-01-11] PARI/GP was awarded the 2021 Richard D. Jenks Memorial Prize for Excellence in Software Engineering Applied to Computer Algebra

News: [2021-06-24] The book Numerical Algorithms for Number Theory using PARI/GP is out !

Wordcloud of Math terms related to PARI/GP Jenks prize awarded to PARI/GP

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