Karim Belabas on Thu, 22 Jul 2004 19:21:32 +0200

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PARI/GP Bug Tracking System

Dear PARI/GP enthusiast,

  I am glad to announce the release of PARI/GP's Bug Tracking System (BTS) at


(see the instructions on that page). The BTS, based on the one used by the
Debian Linux distribution, is operated by sending (almost) ordinary mails to


These are archived, made available to all interested through a web
interface, then forwarded to the developers. This way the development
history of the system is always accessible in a central place, instead of
disappearing in individual developer's mailboxes.

>From now on, please try to submit bug reports and requests for new
features through that interface, not to a particular developer or
the pari@math.u-bordeaux.fr address. This will save _a lot_ of the
developer's precious time :-).


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