Karim Belabas on Wed, 08 Sep 2004 19:47:40 +0200

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PARI/GP workshop at IHP (next week !)

[ I'm sorry for sending this so late to the list. Better late than never... ]



A week-long workshop on computational number theory in the context of the
Computer Algebra system PARI/GP will be held September 13 -- 17, 2004.
The meeting will take place at the Centre Emile Borel of the Institute
Henri Poincare as part of the trimester on

     "Explicit Methods in Number Theory"

( see http://www.ihp.jussieu.fr ).

The goal of the workshop is to gather people developing the PARI/GP system,
or related systems dedicated to arithmetic, and users of such systems.

INVITED SPEAKERS: Bill Allombert, Karim Belabas (Orsay), Henri Cohen
(Bordeaux), John Cremona (Nottingham), Herbert Gangl (MPIM Bonn), Guillaume
Hanrot (INRIA Nancy), Xavier Roblot (Lyon), Denis Simon (Caen), Paul
Zimmermann (INRIA Nancy).


  - Talks on advanced use of the system: library programming, the gp2c
    compiler, interfaces with other systems, plans for long term development...

  - Talks describing significant applications of PARI/GP to number theory,
    with focus on explicit algorithms and practical bottlenecks

  - Discussion sessions / problem sessions.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Visit http://www.ihp.jussieu.fr/emnt_pari
or email one of the organizers.

ORGANISERS: Karim Belabas ( Karim.Belabas@math.u-psuf.fr )
            Xavier-François Roblot ( roblot@desargues.univ-lyon1.fr )


Karim Belabas                     Tel: (+33) (0)1 69 15 57 48
Dep. de Mathematiques, Bat. 425   Fax: (+33) (0)1 69 15 60 19
Universite Paris-Sud              http://www.math.u-psud.fr/~belabas/
F-91405 Orsay (France)            http://pari.math.u-bordeaux.fr/  [PARI/GP]