Bill Allombert on Fri, 19 Jun 2015 22:24:43 +0200

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pari-2.7.4(STABLE) released

Dear PARI lovers,

I would like to announce the release of pari-2.7.4 (STABLE). The sources
and Windows binaries are available from

This is a BUGFIX release for the stable branch. 
This release addresses all significant problems that could be fixed in a
simple, harmless way. However we strongly encourage you to upgrade since it
fixes a number of cases where PARI was returning an incorrect result. 

This release adds support for mingw64 by Eric Driver.

I would like to thanks Eric Driver for porting PARI to mingw64 
and Daniel R. Grayson for testing the PARI 64-bit windows installer.

  --- For Windows users: ---

A 64-bit installer package is available at:

A 32-bit installer package is available at:

  --- For Android users: ---

  An updated PariDroid package will be available soon.


Thanks to all those who reported problems, on the mailing lists or through
our Bug Tracking System. ( See ), or
who tested the preleases.

Have fun,

  Bill and Karim

P.S: The Changelog:

Bug numbers refer to the BTS at

Done for version 2.7.4 (released 19/06/2015):
[last column crossreferences current development release 2.8.0]

    1- divisors([2,1]) -> SEGV                                   [#1664] [F84]
    2- acos([Pol(1)]) -> GC bug [#1663]                                  [F85]
    3- primes([1,Pol(2)]) -> SEGV [#1668]                                [F87]
    4- buffer overflow after default(format,"f.precision")               [F95]
    5- qfminim(A, 0, ...) -> stack overflow                      [#1682] [F97]
    6- div_scal_rfrac could create an invalid t_POL              [#1651] [F99]
    7- polroots(t_POL with leading coeff = 0) -> fp exception    [#1690] [F100]
    8- \r cannot deal with very long filenames                   [#1616] [F101]
    9- rnfisabelian(nf, non monic t_POL) -> SEGV                 [#1693] [F102]
   10- possibly incorrect result in nfdisc(T,listP)                      [F104]
   11- wrong dim(Ker) returned by ZM_pivot => SEGV in Z-linear algebra
       routines.  E.g. setrand(1);quadclassunit(-612556842419)   [#1700] [F105]
   12- moebius(factor(18)) -> 1 instead of 0                     [#1702] [F106]
   13- ispower(-167^10) => domain error                          [#1703] [F107]
   14- ispowerful(factor(0)) != ispowerful(0)                            [F108]
   15- expm1(2*I) => wrong result                                        [F109]
   16- gamma(1+a*x+O(x^2)) => error [#1707]                              [F110]
   17- printsep() printed its argument in random format instead of f_RAW [F111]
   18- nfdisc(x^10 - 29080*x^5 - 25772600) -> oo loop            [#1710] [F112]

ED  1- mingw64 support                                                   [A111]