Bill Allombert on Wed, 18 Feb 2015 15:01:40 +0100

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pari-2.7.3(STABLE) released

Dear PARI lovers,

I would like to announce the release of pari-2.7.3 (STABLE). The sources
and Windows binaries are available from

This is a BUGFIX release for the stable branch. 
This release addresses all significant problems that could be fixed in a
simple, harmless way. However we strongly encourage you to upgrade since it
fixes a number of cases where PARI was returning an incorrect result. 

This release add support for Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) and Cygwin64.
I would like to thanks Andreas Kellers and Volker Braun for helping
with this.

I would like to thanks Jacques Gélinas and Xavier Roblot for testing this
release on Windows and Mac OS X.

  --- For Windows users: ---

An installer package is available at:

  --- For Android users: ---

  An updated PariDroid package will be available soon.


Thanks to all those who reported problems, on the mailing lists or through
our Bug Tracking System. ( See ), or
who tested the preleases.

This release is dedicated to the GCC developers.

Have fun,

  Bill and Karim

P.S: The Changelog:

Bug numbers refer to the BTS at

Done for version 2.7.3 (released 18/02/2015):
[last column crossreferences current development release 2.8.0]

    1- [from 2.7.2] ??bnrL1 and ??ellL1 did not work anymore
    2- thue(f^e*g, ...), e even, (f,g)=1 missed solutions such that f<0   [F22]
XR  3- bnrL1(bnrinit(bnfinit(x^2-168),[6,[1,1]],1)) -> bug in ArtinNumber [F55]
    4- nfisincl(t_POL, t_POL) could lead to wrong negative results        [F58]
    5- polresultant(1+x*z^2,1+y*z^4,z) -> GC error [#1614]                [F59]
BA  6- ellcard over non-prime fields could return wrong results           [F60]
    7- [libpari] FpX_roots could produce GC errors [#1618]                [F61]
    8- weber(1+I) was missing its imaginary part                          [F62]
    9- (1+I)*(1+1/2*I) => wrong result (type errors) [#1619]              [F63]
   10- contfracpnqn([a]) => [1,a;0,1] instead of [a,1;1,0]                [F64]
   11- primes([2^50, 2^50+200000]) => stack overflow                      [F65]
   12- issquare((x+1/2)^2,&z); z => 1.0*x+0.5 instead of x+1/2            [F66]
   13- possibly missing roots in nfroots (when using Trager)              [F68]
   14- quadray(bnf, ideal) did not work                                   [F69]
   15- thue(-14*x^3 + 10*x^2 + 63*x - 5,1) -> "short continued fraction"  [F70]
   16- thue(29*x^3+130*x^2-35*x-48,1) -> "round error" bug                [F71]
   17- T=thueinit(10*x^3+6*x^2-41*x+8,1); thue(T,8) => SEGV [#1630]       [F72]
   18- ellrootno(e,p = 2 or 3) when e not minimal at p => random result   [F73]
   19- agm(1,2+O(5)) -> SEGV [#1645]                                      [F76]
BA 20- [cygwin64] ellap(ellinit([0,0,1,-1,0]),10007) was broken           [F77]
   21- primes([-5,5]) -> [5] (spurious absolute values)                   [F78]
   22- matqr([;]) -> crash                                                [F79]
   23- Fp_rem_mBarrett could return a non-normalized result               [F80]
       p=436^56-35;Mod(271,p)^((p-1)/2) -> p+1
   24- plotcopy would corrupt "string" objects (ROt_ST)                   [F81]
BA 25- [GP] default arguments to GP functions could cause corruption      [F82]
VBr26- [darwin] remove obsolete linker options that cause crashes [#1623] [F83]