Bill Allombert on Wed, 16 Jan 2008 16:12:38 +0100

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Migration to subversion

Hello PARI-dev,

We are half-done with the subversion migration. At this stage
we provide:

--  Anonymous read-only CVS access (same as usual)
-- A web SVN gateway (similar to the old web CVS gateway)
-- read/write SVN access for registered PARI developers.

Change to the SVN repository are automatically reported to the old CVS

   ** If you are a registered PARI developer **

 If you have repositories with read/write CVS access, do not use them to
commit anymore. Convert them to subversion first. I cannot prevent you
to write to the CVS repository without also preventing you to read it,
which would be very inconvenient for you.

 To import the a read/write SVN repository do 
 svn co 'svn+ssh://<login>'
 It will be named trunk.
 You can use 'cvs diff -u' to extract the uncommited chnage in your CVS
 repository and 'patch' to apply them to you SVN repository.


The next stage is to update the documentation to update and provide an
anonymous read-only SVN access.