Bill Allombert on Fri, 05 Feb 2010 13:45:34 +0100

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New PARI stable release 2.3.5

Dear PARI-lovers,

PARI/GP 2.3.5 (stable) has just been released.
This is a bugfix-only release the the stable branch 2.3.
It is available for download at
as usual.

Thanks to all the testers of the prereleases.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resource to provide a Windows binary for this


[last column crossreferences current development release 2.4.3]
    1- was not handling nffactor(*huge degree* nf, *non-monic* t_POL) properly
     --> wrong result and possible memory corruption [#870]              [F96]
    2- quadclassunit(-3 or -4): incorrect format (extra component).
BA  3- Fix detection of ppc64 running in 32bit mode.                     [F107]
    4- wrong results in matsnf with t_POL entries [#901]                 [F110]
       minpoly(matrix(4,4,i,j,i/j)) -> x^3 - 4*x^2 + x
    5- bnfisintnorm(bnfinit(x^2-5), -180): result not reduced mod x^2-5 [#904]
    6- Y;A; intformal(A,Y)                                               [F114]
    7- typo in RgXQX_divrem: random results if the input contains
       unexpected scalar types, as in [#908]
    8- ispower broken due to insufficient precision [#916]                [F40]
    9- [2;2]*[[1,0],[1,2]] -> SEGV
   10- nffactor(): obscure "no factor" bug [when trial division found and
       extracted *non monic* factors], [#930]                            [F127]
BA 11- src/kernel/ix86/asm0.h had an incorrect #line entry.              [F122] 
BA 12- COMPAT file was missing some functions renamed in 2.3:            [F128]
       flisexpr, flisseq -> gp_read_str; lisGEN  -> gp_read_stream
BA 13- nffactor could segfault. [#979]                                   [F135]
BA 14- missing type check in subgrouplist [#616]                    [2.4.2-F39]
BA 15- nfdisc --> "not a prime" error (help Round4 to recover when using
       non-primes, instead of raising immediate errors) [#624]      [2-4-2-F41]
BA 16- exp(0e1*I) --> SEGV [#630]                                   [2-4-2-F44]
BA 17- detection of exp2 and log2 was broken with C++ compilers          [F143]
BA 18- support for shared library on netbsd.                             [F144]
IZ 19- [readline] 'foo)' + M-C-b -> infinite loop                        [F145]
BA 20- factor(13533236897) -> I/O Warning [#1012]                        [F151]
BA 21- usqrtsafe result could be off by one.                             [F152]
BA 22- znprimroot(2) could segfault.
BA 23- ellap could go in an infinite loop.
IZ 24- [OS/2] Fix warning about string signedness.                       [F155]
IZ 25- [OS/2] Fix symbol checking in Configure.                          [F156]
BA 26- upowuu(2,31) returned a wrong result [#1031]                      [F157]
IZ 27- [OS/2]: stack check present but not enabled                   [2.4.0-F6]