Max Alekseyev on Fri, 05 Feb 2010 19:27:23 +0100

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thue() wants more than 4GB stack


I wonder whether this behavior is intended?

? thue(thueinit(-3711916*x^4 - 161330*x^3 + 178491*x^2 - 365*x - 19),344622096)
  *** thue: Warning: Non trivial conditional class group.
  *** The result returned by 'thue' is conditional on the GRH.
  ***   at top-level: thue(thueinit(-37119
  ***                 ^--------------------
  *** thue: the PARI stack overflows !
  current stack size: 4294967296 (4096.000 Mbytes)
  [hint] you can increase GP stack with allocatemem()

This is rather unusual example since many other thue() computations I
performed were not so eager for memory.