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Nice scripts and programs for PARI/GP


Books / Lectures

  • [get there] Numerical Algorithms for Number Theory (AMS Surveys and Monographs 254, 2021, 429 pages) by Karim Belabas and Henri Cohen.
  • [get there] Experimental Number Theory (Oxford Graduate Text in Math 13, 2007, 232 pages), a book by Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas, containing a huge number of sample GP programs.
  • [get there]. A series of introductory lectures about number theory, with a bias towards explicit computations, by William Stein. It contains an introduction to GP and many fun scripts.
  • [get there]. The SIAM 100-Digit Challenge book is a gourmet feast in ten courses on (high precision) numerical analysis. Some GP scripts are available on the book web site.

Elementary number theory

  • [get it] write an integer in negative bases or with balanced digits.
  • [get it] write an integer as sums of 2, 3 or 4 squares.

Series, products, integrals

  • [get it] (v1.2) indefinite summation of rational functions using Gosper's algorithm (by Ralf Stephan).
  • [get it] Zeroes of Hecke L-functions (by Maciej Radziejewski).
  • [get it] (OBSOLETE). Compute values of Hurwitz zeta and Dirichlet L-series, partial fraction decomposition of a rational function F, as well as
\int_N^\infty \log F(t)\,dt,
\int_N^\infty F(t)\,dt,
\sum_{n = N}^\infty F(n),
\sum_{n = N}^\infty (-1)^n F(n),
\prod_{n = N}^\infty F(n),
\sum_{p = N}^\infty F(p),
\prod_{p = N}^\infty F(p)
$$ (by Henri Cohen). The functionality is available in pari-2.10.
  • [get it] (OBSOLETE) values of motivic L-functions (by Tim Dokchitser). The functionality is available in pari-2.7.

Elliptic curves

  • [get there] descent via isogeny on elliptic curves which have a rational torsion point of order N (by V. Flynn and C. Grattoni).
  • [get it] torsion over number fields, isogeny graphs, divisors, Vélu formulae (by François Brunault).
  • [get it]. 2-descent over number fields. Works quite well for fields of degree less than 3, and is well suited for handling several quadratic twists of a common curve. It gives an alternative to John Cremona's mwrank even over Q. Of independant interest, the submodule qfsolve solves efficiently any ternary quadratic equation, even not in diagonal (Legendre) form (by Denis Simon).
  • [get it]. Compute Heegner points, p-adic or complex (by Peter Green).
  • [get it]. Derived periods and the Mazur-Tate circle pairing (by Henri Darmon and Massimo Bertolini).
  • [get there] The APIP library (GPL) for computing standard and optimized variants of most cryptographic pairing, by Jérome Milan
  • [get original] / [get new version] (OBSOLETE). Hecke operators on S20(N)), by Joe Wetherell, William Stein, Dominique Bernardi, Bernadette Perrin-Riou and Karim Belabas. The functionality is available in pari-2.9.
  • [get it] (OBSOLETE). Various scripts by John Cremona (Heegner points, division polynomials, Weil pairing, group structure over ℤ/pℤ). The functionality is available in pari-2.7.
  • [get it] (OBSOLETE). The 'ellsea' package, an implementation of the Schoof-Elkies-Atkin algorithm over a prime field, by Christophe Doche and Sylvain Duquesne. The functionality is now available natively in pari-2.5, using the seadata official package.
  • [get it] (OBSOLETE). An implementation of Satoh's point-counting algorithm (by Kim-Ee Yeoh). The functionality is now available natively in pari-2.7: ellcard.
  • [get it] (OBSOLETE). Compute heuristically the analytic rank of an elliptic curve (by Tom Womack). The functionality is now available natively in pari-2.5: ellanalyticrank.


  • [get there] A Database of Local Fields, by John W. Jones and David P. Roberts.
  • [get there] A generic memoize wrapper (function caches results from previous calls; simplifies writing efficient recursions, for instance) by Kevin Ryde.
  • [get there] [] Jeroen Demeyer's fullfactor package, implementing a large set of integer factorization helpers for integers of a special form (includes tables from the Cunningham project). [Updated version for PARI ≥ 2.15]
  • [get there] An implementation of fundamental domains for Shimura curves. You can compute fundamental domains and view them with a Python application (using Matplotlib), by James Rickards.
  • [get there] A package for integral binary quadratic forms and quaternion algebras over Q, by James Rickards. For integral binary quadratic forms, this includes
    • lists of (fundamental, coprime to a given integer n) discriminants;
    • automorph, discriminant, reduction, and equivalence of forms;
    • for indefinite forms: compute all reduced forms, the Conway river, left and right neighbours of river/reduced forms, intersection numbers;
    • narrow class group and a set of generators, reduced forms for each element in the group;
    • integral solutions (x,y) to Ax2 + Bxy + Cy2 + Dx + Ey + F = n;
    • simultaneous integral solutions to Ax2 + By2 + Cz2+Cz + Dxy + Exz+ Fyz = n1 and U x+V y+W z = n2;
    For quaternion algebras over Q, this includes
    • maximal/Eichler orders
    • optimal embeddings of a quadratic order into a quaternion algebra, arranged with respect to the class group action and their orientation; intersection number of pairs of optimal embeddings;
    • elements of norm n in an Eichler order (when n is coprime to the level), action of Hecke operators Tn on optimal embeddings;
    • fundamental domain of unit groups of Eichler orders in indefinite algebras (Shimura curves).
  • [get there] A page on diagonal quartic surfaces, containing GP scripts and PARI programs (Picard groups and point counting); by Martin Bright.
  • [get there]. Large library of GP routines, developed by Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas and Ariel Pacetti: quaternion algebras, binary quadratic forms, conics, jacobian of cubics/quartics, Igusa invariants, Dedekind's eta function on CM points, skew-symetric matrices, elliptic units, elliptic dilogarithm, p-adic gamma function, Brandt matrices, lifting matrices, polynomials in several variables, vector handling routines, various factoring algorithms over Z (p-1, Lenstra), K-theory of number fields and zeta values (Lichtenbaum-Zagier conjectures), statistics...
  • [get there] Miscellaneous scripts written by Jörg Arndt (continued fractions, Pell equation, recurrent sequences, gaussian normal basis, hypergeometric functions, singular value decomposition)
  • [get there] Miscellaneous scripts written by Max Alekseyev: number of Hamiltonial paths and cycles in graphs, inversion of Euler Totient function, binomial coefficients modulo primes number of subgroups of an abelian group, period of recurrent sequences modulo primes, empirical recurrent formulas with polynomial coefficients, generation of integer partitions, number of irreducible multivariate polynomials over finite fields.
  • [get there], by Alexander Rahm: compute fundamental domains for the Bianchi groups.
  • [get it] (OBSOLETE) Ramanujan's τ function (naive O(sqrt(p)) algorithm, by Henri Cohen). The functionality is available in pari-2.9.

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